Petals & Paths: Exploring Florals In Fashion

Petals & Paths: Exploring Florals In Fashion

Nothing screams delicate femininity quite like a floral design in fashion. The dainty floral pattern that has recently become a favorite of many resembles that of the vintage design that gained popularity in the late 1970s. Seeing flowers in fabric used for clothing became popular during the “Flower Power” time of the 1960s-1970s. Towards the end of the 70s, florals shrank and became the dainty, romantic floral that we all adore. Florals have stayed prominent in the fashion world for many reasons, there are endless ways to style florals to achieve the desired the look of the wearer.

Our Top 5 Dainty Floral Pieces


  1. Shiloh Midi Dress
  2. Ditsy Mini Dress
  3. Annabelle Mini Dress- Pink
  4. Colbie Blue Halter Dress
  5. Annabelle Mini Dress-White

Dainty floral patterns can add charm and romance to any outfit they are featured in, we love to style tiny florals for picnics, brunch, and weddings (as a guest of course!). Dainty florals can also help create balance and proportion to not only the body, but the outfit as a whole as well.

Style Tip:

If you are wanting to conceal a certain part of your body try wearing a dainty pattern such as small florals. Delicate floral patterns can help divert attention from areas that you would like to be concealed.


We understand that dainty florals may not be for everyone, thats why we have also curateda list of our top 5 BOLD floral pieces that are sure to draw attention, in a good way!! Large and bold floral patterns gained popularity in the middle to late 1980s, along with the bright/bold color pallet of the decade. Bold florals are perfect for a tropical vacation, date night, and a wedding guest outfit!!

Our Top 5 Bold Floral Pieces 

  1. Livvy Tropical Midi Dress
  2. Leah Smocked Bust Mini Dress
  3. Floral One Shoulder Pleated
  4. Purple Multi Floral
  5. Olivia Floral Midi Dress

We can’t wait to see you all styling your florals likes pros this summer!! Don’t forget to tag us in all your Love Okie Looks on Instagram @shop.loveokie <3

XOXO, Love Okie

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  • Danielle: May 23, 2024

    I NEED that floral midi <3

  • Sav: May 21, 2024

    absolutely loving all these florals for summer, the colbie dress is a need!!

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