The Rise Of Bows; Coquette Style

The Rise Of Bows; Coquette Style

Now that what seems like 90% of the population has hopped on the bow trend we are seeing them EVERYWHERE!! We just can’t get away from the little guys, not like we would ever want to... I mean they’re adorable!! Bows add a touch of delicacy and femininity to anything they are paired with, and they are just so fun.

The coquette aesthetic, a fashion trend that combines romantic, sweet, and sometimes playful elements, has been around for a long time. The style can be traced back to Marie Antoinette and has been inspired by historical periods for over 200 years, including the Victorian era, the 1950s, and Rococo fashion. It became popular again in the early 2010s, possibly originating on Tumblr around that time. In 2024, the term "coquette" has taken on a new meaning, signifying a celebration of femininity and self-expression for women, rather than a woman seeking attention from men without genuine affection. Now we see Coquette inspired everything on platforms such as TikTok and Pinterest and we just can’t get enough! In this post we will introduce ways to incorporate bows into your everyday style and give some outfit inspiration to spark your new love for coquette!!

Starting Slow in bow

The easiest way to slowly start adding more girly/coquette items into your wardrobe if you are hesitant is to start small! Pick up some ribbon in basic colors (black, white, pink) from any craft store, you can use this to cut and tie into your hair in a little bow. This is a really great affordable option if you are just testing out how you feel about wearing bows in your hair. You can make them as short/long or small/big as you’d like, there are no rules!!

Once you are ready to kick it up a notch you can venture into the larger bows that you see in stores and really start living your coquette dreams!! Below are our best selling hair bows, Large Coquette Bow- Off White & Pink. These are very popular because they have the ideal shape and size when looking for the perfect coquette hair accessory. Take a look!

large coquette hair bow aesthetic

Large Coquette Bow-Off White

Large Coquette Bow-Pink

Working Your Way Up in coquette

Now that you’re comfortable wearing bows in your hair you’re basically a coquette fashion icon right!? We’re kidding, we’re kidding! But maybe it is time to explore more outfit focused items such as tops, we have just the one for you!

A great way to incorporate bows into an outfit without them being too overbearing is to find an item that features bows, instead of the entire outfit being centered around them. We love Our Alai Satin Bow Top because it does just that! A good ratio for a casual intermediate coquette outfit is 1:2 , this means you should have 2 basic (non typical coquette) items for every 1 coquette item incorporated into your outfit. A good example of this would be wearing jeans, white sneakers, and our Alia satin bow top. You can dress these tops up for a fun night out with the girls, or dress it down for just a casual Thursday. With four color choices you’re sure to find the perfect fit!!

satin bow coquette aesthetic pastel tank top

Coquette Pro Status

YAY!! You are officially a full on bow-loving coquette girl! whether you are new to the coquette style or you’ve been rocking it for a while now, we are so happy you are here! We love seeing bow covered outfits and pastels out and about! One of our fave places to see preppy/coquette inspired outfits are out on the golf course and tennis court. We have curated your next trip to the course featuring a few of our most desired items from the shop. Whether you’re the competitive type that refuses to miss a hole, or the type that just like to sip and watch, you’re going to look STUNNING in our latest pieces!! Check out this golf/tennis inspired outfit!

gold aesthetic outfit inspiration tennis white bow dress

What About When It Gets Cold?

Don’t worry one bit! You can 100% still have cute coquette outfits, even when it starts to get a little chilly out. Many people believe that once the cold weather starts coming in you are limited with fashion. This is so wrong! They must just be shopping at the wrong places, i’m afraid. With a style as delicate and romantic as coquette it may be a little bit more difficult to find items that fit this desired aesthetic, but not impossible! You should never have to choose between being warm and being stylish, why not be both!That’s why we have compiled our top FIVE favorite cold weather items that fit the delicate coquette aesthetic. Let us know what you think!

preppy cold weather outfit ideas coquette bow style

1. Bow Cardigan-Pink 

2. Long Sleeve Bow Top-Blue

3. Round Neck Bow Cardigan

4. Long Sleeve Bow Top-Pink

5. Bow Cardigan- Blue


Don’t Forget To Accessorize to level your Coquette Aesthetic!

The last thing you want is to have the perfect outfit on and head out for the night just to realize you forgot to accessorize! Accessories can take a basic, mediocre outfit to a solid 10/10, you will never catch me out without my accessories! When trying to stay true to the coquette aesthetic it is simple to clip in a bow and call it a day, but what if you did more, went the extra mile for your outfit? Pictured below are our Nina Bow Rectangle Hoops, the perfect blend of elegance and coquette. These earrings add just the touch of simplicity to your outfit you need.

Nina bow rectangle hoop searrings coquette preppy jewelry

Nina Bow Rectangle Hoop Earrings

Would you look at that, you're practically a coquette pro now (no actually this time)!! Thank you for joining us this week in our discussion about The Rise Of Bows; Coquette Style. We hope you found value in our outfit inspiration/tips and choose to incorporate the coquette aesthetic into your lives, if you haven’t already. Don’t forget to leave us a comment letting us know what you think!! As always, tag us in your Love Okie looks on instagram @shop.loveokie for the chance to be featured!


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